Golf Clash tips Hole 2 Par 3 Southern Pines US Champions Tour 6 GUIDE/TUTORIAL

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Hey guys and gals,


This is Hole 2 – Par 3 of the Southern Pines in Tour 6 – The US Champions Tour
Let me know if you do have any questions. for training sessions and textguides.
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Golf Clash Southern Pines 9Hole Cup *INFO*

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Information and a look at the 1st ever Mini Tourney, The Southern Pines 9 Hole Cup. We will look at the format and breakdown the prizes in each division.

Watch where I aim. Way left of the flag to compensate for the wind. I also observed how my opponent became a victim of the severe slope to the right of the green. She rolled off the green…. i wanted to avoid that fate so i aimed very far left. All i needed to do was land and stop on the green to win.

But it was not to be….. WGT algorithms had already decided and determined that my opponent must win… so it would do whatever it takes to screw up my shot to ensure i lost.

Watch where i aim. Watch the line on which the ball travels. The ball starts ON THE FLAG.. ignoring my aiming point completely. As a result of the wind and slope my ball rolls off the green and conveniently further than opponent handing her the win.

I got screwed. Again

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