How to add 3 of 33 abilities too your clubs on Golf Clash (rooted)

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In this guide i will be teaching you all the lines of code i have discovered for the clubs and teach you how to choose 3 of 32 secret abilities to put on your clubs. The abilities should be selected as dword.

Here is the list of dword codes and abilities assigned too there code.

1 sweetshop
2 steady swing
3 rough and ready
4 bulldozer
5 green goo
6 messiah
7 rain check
8 wind preview
9 nerves of steel
10 smash it
11 guide pulse
12 high roller
13 lawnmower
14 lumberjack
15 fairway spikes
16 wind resistance I
17 sidespin I
18 power I
19 forgiveness I
20 overpower dampening I
21 wind resistance II
22 sidespin II
23 Power III
24 forgiveness II
25 overpower dampening II
26 wind resistance III
27 sidespin III
28 power III
29 forgiveness III
30 overpower dampening III
31 fore!
32 ball guide test

Please help me in trying to find out what each of these abilities do.
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