Golf Clash | How To Properly Calculate Your Shots GC Notebook Elevation/Wind/Slider Tutorial

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What’s up guys! I hope you enjoy this clip from the Patron Platform! & I hope you find some use from it! I figured this would help ahead some light to those newer players as well that may be looking or wanting some extra tips on how to really calculate their shots! If you’d like to find out how to Adjust for them as well, then hope on over the the Patron platform & sign up! You’ll have instant access to a ton of different content that we’ve been able to launch so far! & More content dropping by the day! Thanks so much for helping support the channel! Good Luck out there guys & have fun! Thanks for watching!



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Shotmaking 101 series, part 3. Two great websites for Golf Clash info. For wind charts, I use . To get elevation estimates for each shot on a tour, I go straight to GC

Open -> Golf Clash Online Hack