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Golf Clash Hack – Golf Clach Cheats – Golf Clash Gems Hack Brand new joke video showing a golf clash hack to get some unlimited amounts of gems in the game golf clash, this golf clash hack or golf clash cheat is very easy to do and even a baby could do this hack if he wanted to all you going to have to do is follow my steps carefully and watch the video completely and hit that subscribe button is most important part.

We can now stop searching the internet for stuff like “how to hack golf clash” or “how to get gems in golf clash for free” because this video will shine the light on these kinda searches and you will learn not everything is what it looks like, but with this golf clash cheat well enjoy the game how it was supposed to be played!

NOTE!: Video is’nt supposed to be taken seriously and was made as a joke, share this with your pals who play golf clash for a good laugh, any questions leave em in the comments and ill try to respond when i can.

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0:11 – Intro
2:01 – Hole 1, Par 4
4:24 – Hole 2, Par 3
5:36 – Hole 3, Par 5
7:29 – Hole 4, Par 3
8:39 – Hole 5, Par 4
10:13 – Hole 6, Par 5
12:53 – Hole 7, Par 3
14:16 – Hole 8, Par 4
16:44 – Hole 9, Par 5



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This is the playthrough for Master division with the tournament wind for the Spring Major Tournament.
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Open -> Golf Clash Online Hack