Golf Clash Hack for iOS & Android UNLIMITED GEMS CHEATS No Root | No JailBreak 2019

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Add unlimited Gems to your Golf Clash account.


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This hack is based on your knowledge of my other 2 golf clash hack videos if you have not seen them watch them before watching this links below.

As promised in the video here is the list of 32 abilities in golf clash. Replace any of the 3 dword values from 0 to any number in the list.
1 sweetshop big target easier perfect shot
2 steady swing
3 rough and ready
4 bulldozer less sand resistance
5 green goo more resistance on greens makes the ball roll less
6 messiah
7 rain check
8 wind preview
9 nerves of steel
10 smash it
11 guide pulse
12 high roller less resistance on greens n fairways. Useless becauae the ball.doesnt follow the line guide anymore.
13 lawnmower less rough resistance
14 lumberjack less impact on trees
15 fairway spikes more resistance on fairways make the ball stop sooner
16 wind resistance I less wind
17 sidespin I added sidespin
18 power I added power
19 forgiveness I
20 overpower dampening I slower needle in overpower
21 wind resistance II even less wind
22 sidespin II extra added sidespin
23 Power II extra added power
24 forgiveness II
25 overpower dampening II slower needle in overpower
26 wind resistance III even less wind
27 sidespin III extra added sidespin
28 power III extra added power
29 forgiveness III
30 overpower dampening III even slower needle in overpower shot
31 fore!
32 ball guide test

Please help me in my quest to figure out what each of these 32 abilities do.
Thank you for watching and enjoy.

Open -> Golf Clash Online Hack