6 Shocking Game Development Stories | The Art of Failure The Complete Series

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The Art of Failure is a series of six documentary-style videos created and released by Jamie Christensen (who runs this YouTube channel – that’s me!) throughout 2021. As a couple of years have passed since they first released and I am still really proud of these in-depth deep dives, I have decided to add a bit of new footage, re-edit several of the intros and outros to match stylistically with one another, and also update names in the credits to reflect the names those involved all go by as of 2021.

I have also made fact corrections and clarifications where needed as well. Notice in particular that I updated my name in the credits to Jamie, as I’m openly out as a trans woman now – and I can touch on this in an upcoming video if folks would like. As always, feel free to ask me questions in the comments below! Enjoy!



Sonic Boom’s Disastrous 00:00:08
Chapter 1 – Early 00:01:32
Chapter 2 – The 00:10:15
Chapter 3 – The 00:19:06

Mighty No. 9: The Full Development 00:25:13
Chapter 1 – The Origins of 00:26:46
Chapter 2 – A Mighty 00:43:30
Chapter 3 – Crying Like an Anime Fan on Prom 01:04:31

Freedom Planet’s From Sonic Fan Game to Cult 01:17:33
Chapter 1 – The Fan Game 01:18:53
Chapter 2 – 01:28:43
Chapter 3 – Slow 01:43:07

Game Canada’s Game 01:51:47
Chapter 1 – A New Type of Game 01:53:58
Chapter 2 – New Faces, New 02:03:55
Chapter 3 – A Fistful of 02:12:03

Superman 64’s Dreadful 02:19:26
Chapter 1 – Company of 02:21:16
Chapter 2 – Executive 02:26:11
Chapter 3 – Legacy of 02:36:27

Death in The Sonic X-Treme 02:43:16
Chapter 1 – Life on 02:44:59
Chapter 2 – Split on 03:08:22
Chapter 3 – Crashing to 03:33:58

Fun The chapter names listed for the first five episodes are the ones I used in my original scripts! The one for the Sonic X-Treme episode was the same both in the script and in the final release, though.

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All audio and sources are the same as in the original releases of these six episodes. They are listed in the description of the original videos. You can find the originals

Sonic Boom’s Disastrous

Mighty No. 9: The Full Development

Freedom Planet’s From Sonic Fan Game to Cult

Game Canada’s Game

Superman 64’s Dreadful

Death in The Sonic X-Treme

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